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Month: July, 2014

Dawn of Surrender









Quiet are the signals to your home

This bed a lonely raft on seas of my yearning

And I cannot seem to receive….


Could you untangle

The voices that choke my soul

So loud they taunt to derail me away


Hold me still

Hold me until

I lose this fight



Underneath my skin and behind my eyes

Blood seems to carry the stains

They seem to keep me frozen in

Reluctance and I’m afraid….



The kindly voices sing their lighted


As I am displayed hungry and worn


I am unraveled

Into these words I write to You

A sort of prayer to come

And Release me from these

To come deliver me from




I think it staggered out in the quiet dusk
just beneath a tree, it stayed.
It knew my journey of growing
or perhaps falling and getting back up several
times over…
It waits for rustling urges
and an awakening of honesty deep where
not even I could see
or have ignored.
It wonders why I would take
a path of burying words
and throbbing pain
as if I was ashamed of real things
as if it didn’t matter no more
to be in the ocean and swim my soul
onto pages and painted thoughts….
I missed saying something,
even in the hours of my dark room
it tugs at me to write true things,
and as they spill furiously and unashamed,
the heaviness leaves…
and I am alive in the right sense of being,
how my heart remembers this
how I cannot leave or let it stagger away
in the strangling quiet
It must bear and render the moments
as they go too quickly into books
of forgetting

The Trail of Words

maybe these words could be stories of my thoughts
lingering and talking
they could make up brilliant nothings
of chaos and happiness
out of scenes flashing by on minutes too fleeting
I would borrow them
hide them
and watch them form into letters
on my mind
but why…
of all things to do, why care of moments passing
as if outside of me mattered and it had something to teach me
they have something to say
of living
of how I care but not unselfishly
I could bike down the lonely tunnel with each end a horizon and sunset
maybe that’s the reason for words
maybe each thought creates the words which lead to either side