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Month: July, 2016

Knowing my Language

‚Äčmy voice muttered through

the realms of cluttered air

I could say

anything in

the privacy of my mind

without the sound

of throat and

distracted tones

I cried real things suppressed 

and confessed my

turmoil in silence

and quiet


there is not a peace i find

than here in

the chamber

of grace where you

hear me

and know the machinery

of my being

and every time I come and kneel

You make sense of

all that that I cannot say…



The rules to live by are becoming grey And I question my life 

If there is meaning 

And if there are falsities 

Dressed like truth 

But if every thought 

And every word could really live

Honestly in its stark breath

Maybe the ears would hear their

Own lives being said

Maybe barriers are 

Not as 


As we make them

And maybe real living

Is being what you are right now

Holding time as if to grasp 

The moments that 

Remind you 

That every minute lived up to now 

Points you to be 

More true