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Month: August, 2016


​Blink blink, sting
My eyes swallowed her words of turmoil
As I bowed my head
She understood the hardships of sailing Questions

But did not know the answers

I could only hear her words wrestle with pain
She could not be comforted 
Nor did her tears stop to pour her sorrows of being alive

How I could not know what to say
Silence came only to
Prove the multi layered confusion
Building fast within her
She is braving her world
While fearing truths
The world seemed to implode
That afternoon
And quiet did it stay after
She is not the same



​It feels like the night hours have  


about my sleep

 As if I’m waiting 

for a taxi that never 

comes for me.

Eyes sullen and open

The dark becomes less

And blue outlines my room 

as if it had enough rest
I’m not ready for tomorrow 

to demand its right 

To live