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What If you were still here

Sometimes I think..


What if


You were still here?


How would I smile at you?


Hug you?


I’d tell you how strong you are


I know..


You Sighed through those years


Grinned and bared sorrows I never




How is it


I know you more




Than when you were breathing


Trying to stay alive


You were Quiet and alone


in your head


Most of the time


You were there, a safe silence


Quiet tears


You always wanted to be strong


But Life broke your pride


It made you cry


It made you scream why


Papa, to me you were brave


You bore through the fires


Burning from worry


If we would be ok


And never knowing if you’ll ever make it through


I miss you


I Miss the way you laughed, the way you


Joked around, it was your way


To love me


Just Say, There are more Days

Long tears fall

we are all fragile today

as my heart refuses to rest


I go on, grasping strength


evidence of true love speaks

in the night’s quiet resolve

when finally the mind is alone

when the heart could hear my thoughts


the world does not pause

no life slows to help me keep up


something is missing from the air I breathe

as Minutes say goodbye too fast like miles of years passing

Under the breeze of heaven’s whisper


Just say, there are more days


make up for what was lost

Theres so much to say

Its Not Over Yet

No remedy for time

not even these eyes

that spill out sorrows

as pleading to halt this disease


All in a moments resign, nothing is more important

than to see life sing again


beyond fears

beyond these things that cause so much pain


we wonder

where is the relief


come settle me down, settle me here sweet God of mine

all the earth is weeping

Wanting to bring back laughing scenes


Don’t farewell

give it time

hope needs to revive me awake


to bear this up, bear this life

it’s not over yet


A Stroll Down the Hall of Fading Faces

Keep going time..

Keep walking through these halls

You’re not hesitant to gift this change of days

Change of sun

And shifting shades


I go gazing upon their fading faces

Suddenly death has something to say

Why do we leave without wanting to

Born in mystery and brought to these endings


All we have are little years

With our shadowy fears walking behind

Holding our hearts like we don’t want to share


And all the while these hours just don’t want to slow their pace as

I’m falling by thousands of steps behind


That life can fly over where heavens just a blink awake