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What If you were still here

Sometimes I think..


What if


You were still here?


How would I smile at you?


Hug you?


I’d tell you how strong you are


I know..


You Sighed through those years


Grinned and bared sorrows I never




How is it


I know you more




Than when you were breathing


Trying to stay alive


You were Quiet and alone


in your head


Most of the time


You were there, a safe silence


Quiet tears


You always wanted to be strong


But Life broke your pride


It made you cry


It made you scream why


Papa, to me you were brave


You bore through the fires


Burning from worry


If we would be ok


And never knowing if you’ll ever make it through


I miss you


I Miss the way you laughed, the way you


Joked around, it was your way


To love me


Looking Beyond the Ceiling

Bright eyes still needing answers
Chasing meaning in these walls..

Sudden soul speaks finally
This Quickening heart I almost feel

Maybe it’s time to shed some tears
Maybe the clock knows I’ll bend my skin

So fragile here

So breakable and tender
This darkness keeps me there

As the stars pours and flows the floods of

Every sorrow
Before my soul they show their faces.

Like loosely time flies by, so quickly
Age grows

It never pauses to let you feel

Never let’s me savor the moments that
Prick my heart to listen

It reminds me I can never hold time to please me

All is fleeting, and heaven only knows those moments that you bring you to your knees

Are the moments that save you everytime.

It Keeps Passing By

I thought that time could not follow..

But It chases me

In Moments that I thought I could hold onto

There they go

Slipping through crooked hands

All is not what it is supposed to be

……I’m smaller

Full of fears and years of tears

Mounds of sorrow,

Pain in eyes hopeful and pleading

As it comes to these


Missing innocence

And Strength

Missing days when I thought I could

Never reach this day

But it flows on by

Time with it’s hurried way

Making joys and shedding skins

It keeps on picking up speed, this phenomenon of time

Passing chances, passing life

Passing me by

It keeps passing me by



The Morning Fight

My soul wrestles again

The competing forces resume their stance

At war once more

And I am tired of this battle

To keep me away from grace


Though in agony and persistence

I muster syllables of pleas to help me

As the calling to live without you

Echoes louder day by day


Let me not pass you by