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It Keeps Passing By

I thought that time could not follow..

But It chases me

In Moments that I thought I could hold onto

There they go

Slipping through crooked hands

All is not what it is supposed to be

……I’m smaller

Full of fears and years of tears

Mounds of sorrow,

Pain in eyes hopeful and pleading

As it comes to these


Missing innocence

And Strength

Missing days when I thought I could

Never reach this day

But it flows on by

Time with it’s hurried way

Making joys and shedding skins

It keeps on picking up speed, this phenomenon of time

Passing chances, passing life

Passing me by

It keeps passing me by




Fare Thee Well

 It is not me anymore

Waving my hand as reflected

Motions sway in the window

Across the bridge way;

Distance became one day

And I knew I wasn’t the same

The Morning Fight

My soul wrestles again

The competing forces resume their stance

At war once more

And I am tired of this battle

To keep me away from grace


Though in agony and persistence

I muster syllables of pleas to help me

As the calling to live without you

Echoes louder day by day


Let me not pass you by

No Longer You

I lived 

Among rags and grey 

breaths exhaled 

proved that life was lived 

I panted with an urgency 

And failed to leave proof along some past. 

I didn’t recognize myself 

In memories of blur and jagged scenes

Every gone second an echo 

Of someone who waits to be awaken….

Sleep on forbidden dream 

Stay in a stiff death

I am no longer you 

Not By Me

Deep are things that run through me
As heavens light pours awakening love
In this room
Where I have watched myself
Wrestle, tossed against the walls of pride

But they crumble
They fall
Not by me, not by my thoughts that
Run unstable and frail

I never had what it takes to break the hold
I only asked
In whimpers and breakable skin
No thunder or lightning comes
Nothing by earth or my wits end


Only You

Just Say, There are more Days

Long tears fall

we are all fragile today

as my heart refuses to rest


I go on, grasping strength


evidence of true love speaks

in the night’s quiet resolve

when finally the mind is alone

when the heart could hear my thoughts


the world does not pause

no life slows to help me keep up


something is missing from the air I breathe

as Minutes say goodbye too fast like miles of years passing

Under the breeze of heaven’s whisper


Just say, there are more days


make up for what was lost

Theres so much to say

Its Not Over Yet

No remedy for time

not even these eyes

that spill out sorrows

as pleading to halt this disease


All in a moments resign, nothing is more important

than to see life sing again


beyond fears

beyond these things that cause so much pain


we wonder

where is the relief


come settle me down, settle me here sweet God of mine

all the earth is weeping

Wanting to bring back laughing scenes


Don’t farewell

give it time

hope needs to revive me awake


to bear this up, bear this life

it’s not over yet


A Stroll Down the Hall of Fading Faces

Keep going time..

Keep walking through these halls

You’re not hesitant to gift this change of days

Change of sun

And shifting shades


I go gazing upon their fading faces

Suddenly death has something to say

Why do we leave without wanting to

Born in mystery and brought to these endings


All we have are little years

With our shadowy fears walking behind

Holding our hearts like we don’t want to share


And all the while these hours just don’t want to slow their pace as

I’m falling by thousands of steps behind


That life can fly over where heavens just a blink awake


The rules to live by are becoming grey And I question my life 

If there is meaning 

And if there are falsities 

Dressed like truth 

But if every thought 

And every word could really live

Honestly in its stark breath

Maybe the ears would hear their

Own lives being said

Maybe barriers are 

Not as 


As we make them

And maybe real living

Is being what you are right now

Holding time as if to grasp 

The moments that 

Remind you 

That every minute lived up to now 

Points you to be 

More true 

Dawn of Surrender









Quiet are the signals to your home

This bed a lonely raft on seas of my yearning

And I cannot seem to receive….


Could you untangle

The voices that choke my soul

So loud they taunt to derail me away


Hold me still

Hold me until

I lose this fight



Underneath my skin and behind my eyes

Blood seems to carry the stains

They seem to keep me frozen in

Reluctance and I’m afraid….



The kindly voices sing their lighted


As I am displayed hungry and worn


I am unraveled

Into these words I write to You

A sort of prayer to come

And Release me from these

To come deliver me from