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A Stroll Down the Hall of Fading Faces

Keep going time..

Keep walking through these halls

You’re not hesitant to gift this change of days

Change of sun

And shifting shades


I go gazing upon their fading faces

Suddenly death has something to say

Why do we leave without wanting to

Born in mystery and brought to these endings


All we have are little years

With our shadowy fears walking behind

Holding our hearts like we don’t want to share


And all the while these hours just don’t want to slow their pace as

I’m falling by thousands of steps behind


That life can fly over where heavens just a blink awake



​Blink blink, sting
My eyes swallowed her words of turmoil
As I bowed my head
She understood the hardships of sailing Questions

But did not know the answers

I could only hear her words wrestle with pain
She could not be comforted 
Nor did her tears stop to pour her sorrows of being alive

How I could not know what to say
Silence came only to
Prove the multi layered confusion
Building fast within her
She is braving her world
While fearing truths
The world seemed to implode
That afternoon
And quiet did it stay after
She is not the same


​It feels like the night hours have  


about my sleep

 As if I’m waiting 

for a taxi that never 

comes for me.

Eyes sullen and open

The dark becomes less

And blue outlines my room 

as if it had enough rest
I’m not ready for tomorrow 

to demand its right 

To live

Knowing my Language

my voice muttered through

the realms of cluttered air

I could say

anything in

the privacy of my mind

without the sound

of throat and

distracted tones

I cried real things suppressed 

and confessed my

turmoil in silence

and quiet


there is not a peace i find

than here in

the chamber

of grace where you

hear me

and know the machinery

of my being

and every time I come and kneel

You make sense of

all that that I cannot say…


The rules to live by are becoming grey And I question my life 

If there is meaning 

And if there are falsities 

Dressed like truth 

But if every thought 

And every word could really live

Honestly in its stark breath

Maybe the ears would hear their

Own lives being said

Maybe barriers are 

Not as 


As we make them

And maybe real living

Is being what you are right now

Holding time as if to grasp 

The moments that 

Remind you 

That every minute lived up to now 

Points you to be 

More true 

Dawn of Surrender









Quiet are the signals to your home

This bed a lonely raft on seas of my yearning

And I cannot seem to receive….


Could you untangle

The voices that choke my soul

So loud they taunt to derail me away


Hold me still

Hold me until

I lose this fight



Underneath my skin and behind my eyes

Blood seems to carry the stains

They seem to keep me frozen in

Reluctance and I’m afraid….



The kindly voices sing their lighted


As I am displayed hungry and worn


I am unraveled

Into these words I write to You

A sort of prayer to come

And Release me from these

To come deliver me from



I think it staggered out in the quiet dusk
just beneath a tree, it stayed.
It knew my journey of growing
or perhaps falling and getting back up several
times over…
It waits for rustling urges
and an awakening of honesty deep where
not even I could see
or have ignored.
It wonders why I would take
a path of burying words
and throbbing pain
as if I was ashamed of real things
as if it didn’t matter no more
to be in the ocean and swim my soul
onto pages and painted thoughts….
I missed saying something,
even in the hours of my dark room
it tugs at me to write true things,
and as they spill furiously and unashamed,
the heaviness leaves…
and I am alive in the right sense of being,
how my heart remembers this
how I cannot leave or let it stagger away
in the strangling quiet
It must bear and render the moments
as they go too quickly into books
of forgetting

The Trail of Words

maybe these words could be stories of my thoughts
lingering and talking
they could make up brilliant nothings
of chaos and happiness
out of scenes flashing by on minutes too fleeting
I would borrow them
hide them
and watch them form into letters
on my mind
but why…
of all things to do, why care of moments passing
as if outside of me mattered and it had something to teach me
they have something to say
of living
of how I care but not unselfishly
I could bike down the lonely tunnel with each end a horizon and sunset
maybe that’s the reason for words
maybe each thought creates the words which lead to either side

Of Thoughts And Things

I often linger where I am prone to remorse

A grayish miasma envelops my being

As to convince me of no light outside

This complacent and nonliving moment…

I regress more and the steps down are too easy

I think of such things as the sighs thicken

With each labored breath

So gone is the strong source… or my mind

deceives me too much to believe in weakness

And I tend to rend myself helpless, defeated

From the roughness of living

All sides of everywhere seem a blurred thing to grasp

Where have I confused the path toward the goodness

Toward some shade of peace?

Can I wait for the sigh of lightness and relief to come

I need to cling to the tips of the threads with tremblings

Of the last bit of faith and reach

reach more and perhaps I will fall

Out of my thoughts and things


And I Wait

lately, I have paid more attention to

the way I breathe,

the beat of my heart

the way my skin feels tighter

as eyes lift up to see sharp wolf irises

in the translucent image

strange transfiguring

a flash in the sky of remembrances

things of a former life

reappear only in the back of my mind

I have lost count on days gone by

the weeks, months into years

and still a watcher from the inside

I’ve witnessed the leaves and flowers,

fall and bloom and fall again

trees stable in their ground

as its branches have grown

and I wait, for bloom of a new body

while my time of fall

lingers in

the deep reflected image

of a wolf waiting to fade